Jason Spencer, Georgia State Representative

Transparency and Accountability

“I will maintain an open door policy, I will be accessible…”

Now more than ever, elected officials need to be transparent and accountable to the people they represent. As your State Representative I will maintain an open door policy, I will be accessible and I will strive to represent you in a way that will make you proud. I have and I will continue to surround myself with people who will hold me accountable and keep me grounded.

Also, I have been tasked throughout my service to keep government accountable and transparent to the people it serves. I will continue the spirit and tradition of holding government accountable by asking the tough questions so that truth prevails.

Rep. Spencer’s Record on Fiscal/Government Reforms

Fiscal/Governmental Reform

SR415 (2014) proposes an amendment to the constitution to be voted on in November which would cap the state’s top marginal income tax rate at 6 percent if approved by the voters.

HB788 (2014) will allow universities the ability to outsource management of student dormitories and parking lots. The bill also requires the Regents to engage in an open bid process when outsourcing the management of these facilities. This measure will cut costs, shift primary liability off the University System and reduce debt service.

HB142 & HB143 (2013) reformed the Ethics in Government Act by placing limitations on lobbyist spending, granting rule-making authority to the Campaign Finance Commission and other things. It puts a $75 cap on lobbyist expenditures on an individual Legislator and prohibits lobbyists from giving Legislators tickets to sporting events and recreational activities such as golf.

HB242 (2013) reformed the juvenile justice system based on recommendations made by the Governor’s Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform.

HB454 (2013) will help the State determine whether tax expenditures are achieving their desired result.

HR549 (2013) creates the House Study Commission on Professional Licensing Board. We have too many licensing boards, this temporary commission will study those and identify ones we can eliminate.

HB33/SB33, (2011-2012) the Zero Based Budget Act would require every Department of State Government to submit a detailed budget showing every expense they make. This will allow the Legislature to find wasteful and outdated programs.

HB87, (2011-2012) called the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011, targeted “coyotes” and others who traffick in illegal immigrants, requires businesses to use the Federal E-Verify system to insure people they hire are here legally, and provided immunity to illegal immigrants who report crimes committed against them, as well as other provisions.

HB456, (2011-2012) the Sunset Bill, would require the Legislature to reauthorize Departments of Georgia government. This will allow us to take a close look at each Department and determine if they are still needed.

HB641 (2011-2012) reformed Georgia’s criminal justice system based on recommendations made by the Governor’s Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform.

HB811 (2011-2012) would prevent the State of Georgia from diverting certain fees collected by the State into the general fund.

HB899, (2011-2012) This bill included several election law “clean-up” items and several recommendation of Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s Election Advisory Council. Would allow Georgia voters to register electronically, especially when they move within the state. This Online Voter Registration (OLVR) system will make it much easier for people to register to vote. Folks often forget that if they move from one address in Georgia to another, you need to re-register to vote. The OLVR will make that process much easier, as well as making it easier for new voters to register. Online voter registration is much cheaper since processing online applications costs a fraction of that of paper applications. This saves tax dollars. The system also makes it easier for election officials to check a person’s eligibility to vote.