Jason Spencer, Georgia State Representative

Illegal Immigration

“During my first term, I supported and voted for HB 87 (2011).”

Illegal Immigration is a result of the Federal Government’s failure to enforce the immigration laws and the U.S. Constitution. The Federal Government is in direct violation of Article V, Section V of the U. S. Constitution which provides each state a Republican form of government and protection from invasion.

During my first term, I supported and voted for HB 87 (2011). This bill became law and is one of the toughest immigration laws in the nation. It is unfortunate that more of our resources have to go towards protecting our state from the consequences of illegal immigration and the ineptitude of the Federal Government, but as an elected officer, I swore to up hold my oath of office to enforce the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Georgia. The people of Georgia deserve to have their sovereignty protected, and I intend to uphold my oath of office and support measures to fight illegal immigration in this state.

SB 269 (2016):  Cities and counties would be required to make annual reports to the state proving they are not sanctuaries for illegal aliens under this legislation.