Jason Spencer, Georgia State Representative

Coastal Pines Technical College

Updated November 2017

One million dollars was secured in the 2014 state budget to begin renovation of utilized space inside the College of Coastal Georgia Camden Campus.  This renovated space will house a bookstore, student financial aid, cosmetology programs and labs for Coastal Pines Technical College.  In addition, the Board of Regents included an additional $100,000 to help repurpose more space inside the College of Coastal Georgia Campus to be used for the Technical College’s mechanical engineering program.  A Notice of Intent to Proceed with renovation was issued by the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC) at the end of January 2016. The renovation was completed completed in the Fall of 2016 and that space is now being utilized for new students.

New Camden Campus for Coastal Pines Technical College

In the 2015 state budget, the Camden County legislative delegation secured  $1.1 million to begin the architectural design of a new, freestanding Coastal Pines Technical College (Phase 1 funding).  The initial location for the technical college was to be near Exit 7 on I-95, but after changes in federal regulations of wetlands, that property was no longer optimal for a construction site because the site included a wetland.  As a result, the proposed site has been moved to Exit 3 on I-95.  This current site has undergone assessment by a civil engineer and is approximately a 20 acre tract.  The land was donated to the Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation and is now in the possession of the State Properties Commission.  The use of the Phase 1 funding has allowed for the completion of the design of the Camden Campus.

FY 2106 TCSG Budget Request- Capital Outlay

The TCSG has submitted its $17, 794, 400.00 budget request to the Governor’s Office of Budget and Planning and the newly proposed construction of the Camden Campus is listed as a high priority project for the entire system and is one of three priority construction projects.  The funding will be reviewed by the House and Senate appropriations process.  It is anticipated with a high degree of confidence that the funding will stay in the budget as it moves the process in the 2018 Legislative Session.

NEWS:  CPTC Recognizes Camden Dual Enrollment Partners

View of the newly proposed Camden Campus. The architectual design depicted here was funded through appropriations secured by members of the Camden County legislative delegation in the FY 2016 budget in addition to the $1 million dollars secured by the delegation in FY 2014.

For the Academic Year 2016-2017, of the 1434 dual enrollment students that attended Coastal Pines Technical College, 373 of them were from Camden County High School. This number not only reflects the largest number of participants by a high school within the CPTC area for the academic year AY2016 – AY2017, but it reflects that Camden County High School had the largest number of dual enrollment students within the State as well for AY2016 – AY2017. According to Coastal Pines Technical College administrators, it is possible that the Camden County High School dual enrollment program can easily grow to 600 students by the spring of 2018.

This is the overall view of the architectual design of the main entrance of the proposed Camden Campus. Also, listed are the anticipated programs that will be offered.