Should You Go With A Cordless Electric Kettle

There are several advantages in using an electric kettle cordless option rather than a regular conventional stove top kettle. First, electric kettle cordless options are more convenient, as they are specifically designed for heating water, making them more efficient than stove top kettles with water heating up 2 to 3 times faster. Also, the energy used by the electric kettle cordless option is focused directly on heating on the water, rather than having energy wasted on heat that would escape from not being in contact with the kettle.

An electric kettle cordless option is highly portable, and easily fits into any luggage. Also, they are usually designed to shut down automatically after the water reaches a given temperature, which is called automatic shut-off. This avoids problems of rushing to close the stove when forgetting about water you are boiling, which in turn removes the problem of boiling dry and destroying the kettle completely.

The electric kettle cordless option gives high energy savings, making it able to recuperate the initial investment with the electricity saved compared to regular stove top kettles. Over-boiled water tends to lose its flavour, and the cordless electric kettle heats the water just enough for the taste to have its maximum potential. The insulation of the apparatus also removes the need of re-boiling the water after leaving it at rest for a given time.

Several types of tea leaves sometimes require water to have a very specific temperature to maximize the aroma and taste of the brewed drink and an electric kettle cordless option does a fine job getting to the right temperature. A conventional kettle makes it difficult to regulate the temperature as it is quite difficult to get the temperature from inside of it. Some will boil it before letting it cool down, but this is just even more difficult and takes even more time. Green and white tea drinkers will certainly gain a lot from getting a cordless electric kettle, with its internal thermometer that measures the exact temperature of the water.

As a side note, electric kettle cordless options can have prices that vary from 10 up to 150$ US (5 to 100 Euros), which makes them very accessible to anyone and about the same price as regular kettles. Some are more expensive simply because of design, others have better precision and extra features. Those with the highest prices usually are the ones with nicest designs (nice enough to be served in a high-class kitchen) and greatest amount of features.

cordless electric kettle

An example of an electric kettle cordless option with an elegant classic design is the Cuisinart Traditional Electric Kettle Cordless option model RK-17, a durable and easy to operate apparatus.  You can get it at 70 or 80$ US (40 or 50 Euros). An example of one with extra features would be the Krups AquaControl FLF3 54 oz Electric Kettle Cordless option (made of Stainless Steel) which is a 1.75 kW electric kettle cordless  option which remains cool when touching the handle and body even when the water is boiling inside. It costs approximately 50$ US, or 30 Euros. An example of an inexpensive model would be the Electric Kettle Cordless option model Proctor-Silex K2070, that you can get at less than 10$ and still have great features such as automatic shut-off. For maximum safety, a Chef’s Choice 678 2-Qt Electric Kettle Cordless option is the best with its double boil dry safety shut-off.

There are several other models that offer different features, and most have a very affordable price that is anyways saved from the energy savings made compared to a regular kettle. When choosing an electric kettle, cordless is certainly the way to go.

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