How to Clean a Stand Mixer

Cleaning after preparing a sumptuous meal is a very tiresome process especially if you have used many kitchen appliances. If you have a dishwasher, it will certainly lessen the load and time cleaning. Most kitchens now have a stand mixer because it is very helpful in food preparation. And it is important to keep it clean in order to make it last for years. If not properly cleaned, it can affect the proper functioning of a stand mixer. so how should the stand mixer be properly cleaned?

Step 1

After unplugging the appliance, remove all the attachments on the stand mixer and wipe the body with a damp cloth. Focus into the crevices as they will collect flour, sugar and sometimes dust. Toothbrush or toothpick can be used in hard-to-reach areas to loosen stuck debris then wipe off with the damp cloth. It should be kept in mind that spraying water cleaner into the body of a stand mixer is a no-no.

Step 2

With the use of soapy water, wash all the attachments used manually. It is to ensure that no food is left behind. However, most attachments like the wire whip, kneading dough hook and the paddle beater are now safe to wash in a dishwasher. You may do so if you want to.

Step 3

Remove the mixing bowl from the frame and wash it manually or by using the dishwasher. You may also soak the mixing bowl with warm water to easily remove sticky ingredients before washing.

Step 4

Dry the mixing bowl and the attachments thoroughly before storing. This is to prevent mildew and water spots from appearing.


1. If toothbrush will not work in loosening build-up, use Q-tips instead. Make a paste using baking soda and water, dampen the Q-tip and put over the build-up.

2. Baking soda paste can also be used for the mixing bowl especially if it is made of stainless steel. It will remove water spots and keep the bowl spotless and shiny.

3. If the stand mixer is used occasionally, be sure to clean it at least every two weeks. Clean the vent with a cotton swab as they can collect dust from time to time. The vent should always be kept clean because this is where the air flows towards the motor. It is also best to cover the stand mixer with cloth or a shower cap when not in use.


1. Always unplug your stand mixer after each use to prevent electrocution and prevent the children from harming themselves

2. Never submerge the body of the stand mixer in water.  A stand mixer is a motorized appliance and getting it wet can ruin the motor.

3. If using liquid cleaner cannot be avoided, take extra precautions on vents and ports.


Stand mixers are very costly and ensuring its life to its price depends on the user.  Always make cleaning a habit every after use. This will make the stand mixer stay in its perfect form for years.

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