Pick Your Perfect Gaming Mouse

Why do we have to have the best gaming mouse? What is so important to us to have the best everything? There is one answer, I am aware of, we want to win at the games we are playing online. Therefore, in order to win, we need the best mouse. The relationships between the mouse and the gamer are very important and need the best. You need the most direct connection to connect to what game you are playing at the time.

corsair gaming mouse

            The mouse is the top component in the gamer and mouse relationship. The mouse should be comfortable, accurate, and dominating. This will help you in the long run when you’re gaming ad decided to play a Marathon or two of your games. In the eyes of a gamer, choosing the right mouse is really like life or death. Gamers take this very seriously. We suggest getting some research on the Hyperx Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse. We have some information on it, which will be in this article.

                        Hyperx Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse:

This mouse was introduced last year, The Hyperx brand released the Pulsefire FPS, which was their first gaming mouse. The Surge is the updated and new edition to FPS. This mouse costs $70.00 and it contains the ability to customize it. The look is very detailed and bold. The mouse is very advanced with an optical gaming sensor. IT gives you smooth and responsive performance, at high sensitivity rates.

            Logitech Chaos Spectrum:

            Nominated the best mouse of all time, the Chaos Spectrum is extremely intense and powerful. Its reaction times a stellar. This mouse can assist gamers win in matches, get a maintain high scores, and even buy skins. This model of mouse has the best quality to price ratio. It has more than great accuracy, with consistent responsiveness at any speed, 200-12,000 DPI. This mouse costs $110-120.

                        Pecosso Precision Optical Gaming Mouse:

            This mouse has been viewed as perfect for the best gaming mouse available. This mouse is super, and it doesn’t have anything specific that is needed. There is not any hardware to worry about, installation is universal, and its very user friendly. If there are problems with the mouse, there are 24-hour chat services that are always welcoming your calls.

            The mouse is designed fantastically. It has black and gold accents and provides many gamers support their grip. The mouse has a high curve body, and it forms to your hand while you’re holding it. It has 4 color gradient breathing LED lights.

           There are some issues with the mouse, which have been broken down in further detail by thetechinsider. The first thing is this mouse is extremely versatile.  There are four DPI situations, permitting for diverse sensitivities contingent on your desires. These sensitivities are also relaxed to change among and don’t entail a little advanced software design, permitting any gamer to use it with ease no matter their ability level or favored genre. This mouse has an optical sensor. The optical sensor allows pinpoint precision as well as control.

Should You Go With A Cordless Electric Kettle

There are several advantages in using an electric kettle cordless option rather than a regular conventional stove top kettle. First, electric kettle cordless options are more convenient, as they are specifically designed for heating water, making them more efficient than stove top kettles with water heating up 2 to 3 times faster. Also, the energy used by the electric kettle cordless option is focused directly on heating on the water, rather than having energy wasted on heat that would escape from not being in contact with the kettle.

An electric kettle cordless option is highly portable, and easily fits into any luggage. Also, they are usually designed to shut down automatically after the water reaches a given temperature, which is called automatic shut-off. This avoids problems of rushing to close the stove when forgetting about water you are boiling, which in turn removes the problem of boiling dry and destroying the kettle completely.

The electric kettle cordless option gives high energy savings, making it able to recuperate the initial investment with the electricity saved compared to regular stove top kettles. Over-boiled water tends to lose its flavour, and the cordless electric kettle heats the water just enough for the taste to have its maximum potential. The insulation of the apparatus also removes the need of re-boiling the water after leaving it at rest for a given time.

Several types of tea leaves sometimes require water to have a very specific temperature to maximize the aroma and taste of the brewed drink and an electric kettle cordless option does a fine job getting to the right temperature. A conventional kettle makes it difficult to regulate the temperature as it is quite difficult to get the temperature from inside of it. Some will boil it before letting it cool down, but this is just even more difficult and takes even more time. Green and white tea drinkers will certainly gain a lot from getting a cordless electric kettle, with its internal thermometer that measures the exact temperature of the water.

As a side note, electric kettle cordless options can have prices that vary from 10 up to 150$ US (5 to 100 Euros), which makes them very accessible to anyone and about the same price as regular kettles. Some are more expensive simply because of design, others have better precision and extra features. Those with the highest prices usually are the ones with nicest designs (nice enough to be served in a high-class kitchen) and greatest amount of features.

cordless electric kettle

An example of an electric kettle cordless option with an elegant classic design is the Cuisinart Traditional Electric Kettle Cordless option model RK-17, a durable and easy to operate apparatus.  You can get it at 70 or 80$ US (40 or 50 Euros). An example of one with extra features would be the Krups AquaControl FLF3 54 oz Electric Kettle Cordless option (made of Stainless Steel) which is a 1.75 kW electric kettle cordless  option which remains cool when touching the handle and body even when the water is boiling inside. It costs approximately 50$ US, or 30 Euros. An example of an inexpensive model would be the Electric Kettle Cordless option model Proctor-Silex K2070, that you can get at less than 10$ and still have great features such as automatic shut-off. For maximum safety, a Chef’s Choice 678 2-Qt Electric Kettle Cordless option is the best with its double boil dry safety shut-off.

There are several other models that offer different features, and most have a very affordable price that is anyways saved from the energy savings made compared to a regular kettle. When choosing an electric kettle, cordless is certainly the way to go.

Dog Food Changed My Dogs Life

Rocky was 12 weeks old when he joined my family; life has never been the same.

He came from a private party who had purchased him from a pet store. Two weeks later they found out their son was allergic to dogs. Why I wanted him is still a mystery to me. My dogs had always been large breeds, or at least they had always had long legs. Maybe it was the long ears and sad face that tugged at my heart. I had to take him home. There was just something about this dog.

I was a little concerned that the big dogs would pick on him.

My worries were unnecessary; within weeks he was running the pack. He had a great nose for hunting. He sniffed out every pair of shoes I owned and killed them. Being a natural at climbing furniture (I never knew Bassets could climb), it was difficult to keep him “grounded.” And his foraging talents went far beyond shoes; they included remote controls and cell phones. Once I was searching for my ringing phone and realized the sound was coming from Rocky. I was mortified at the realization that he had eaten it whole; then he moved and I discover he was just lying on it. I could go on and on with stories about Rocky but instead I will sum it up my saying, when I had him with me I didn’t tell anyone I was a dog trainer. He was “Dennis the Menace” in a dog suit.

We were beginning to make headway with the obedience issues.

Then, at about 9 months old he began to whimper and cry whenever the other dogs were around. He moved slowly and yelped if anyone touched him. He was diagnosed with Panostioitis. They do not know what causes this roving bone inflammation and it can range from mild to severe. Rock’s case was severe and though most dogs grow out of it in a few months his raged on for over a year. All we could do is manage his symptoms with pain medication, steroid injections and lots of love, mostly in the form of cookies. Finally it began to fade away and Rocky returned to his natural self. Back to his mischievous antics, my life was once again unpredictable.

Things were good for about a year.

Having seen all the pain he had endured I gladly indulged him. He got lots of cookies, the best seat on the couch and I learned to pick up my shoes and keep track of my cell phone. Then he began to slow down again. I was concerned the bone inflammation was coming back. One day he went out to go potty with the other dogs but did not come back. I called but he did not come. I went looking and found him in the corner of the yard unable to get up on his own. The next two days were torture. They did not know what was wrong; test after test I waited. The vet prepared me for the worst. Then the good news came, he was responding to the treatment they had given him. He was going to be OK.

Then the bad news came.

He had Addison’s disease and would have to continue treatments for the rest of his life. Addison’s disease is when the immune system destroys vital glands in the body affecting the production of hormones that control important chemical and mineral levels. Rocky was OK. He started getting hormone shots every 20 days and was on a daily steroid treatment. But even though Rocky was OK, that was all he was. For two years he lay around, did not want to play and had completely lost his wiggle. You know the wiggle they do when they are so happy it’s not possible to stay still. He started getting allergies and chronic ear infections. I kept him away from other dogs to avoid stress. Rocky was OK, but Rocky wasn’t Rocky anymore. Things were strangely quiet with predictable visits to the vet and budget adjustments to pay for his medical expenses.

In 2007 when the news about contaminated pet food surfaced, I along with all pet owners worried.

The food I was using was not on the recall list but the same manufacturer had brands that were recalled. How could this happen? In order for these and other contaminants to be in our pet’s food there had to be little or no quality control. We were buying food with packaging that said it was good for our pets but it was poisoning them. The manufacturers sounded concerned. They were concerned all right; concerned we wouldn’t buy their products anymore. But were they concerned about our pets? Were they concerned about Rocky?

I started studying dog food.

The more I studied the more confused I got. (Read my article on dog food marketing.) Then I figured it out. The only way I could have confidence that my pets were eating properly was to believe in who was selling it. So, I started studying dog food companies. Through a lot of trials and tribulations I found one I trusted. I started feeding it to all my dogs and cats. I even feed some of their treats to my bird. I waited and I watched. It took about three weeks for the fun to start.

Liz opened the garage door and Rocky walked out onto the driveway.

She hollered to me that Rocky was out and I told her not to worry, he never runs off or tries to get away. I stepped out onto the driveway to call him. He looked at me, tilted his head and I instantly knew, Rocky was back! He zoomed down the drive and into the neighbor’s yard two doors down doing donuts on their front lawn. He led me and two of my friends on a 20-minute keep away chase, up and down the street. If it had been any other dog I would have been furious, but because it was Rocky I was thrilled. This dog had more energy than when he was a puppy. The neighbors watched and laughed. When it was all over, we were all exhausted, except Rocky. Safely in the house, he looked up at me and he wiggled. Since then he has eaten the buttons off the couch pillows, chases Kong (122 lb. Lab) around the yard, and I’m not sure but I think he has my slippers stashed somewhere.

Rocky eats the food and takes the daily supplements and is off the daily steroids and only receiving his injections every 30 days. My entire family of pets is happier and healthier. And, I signed up as a sales rep. for the company.

This is a true story but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself; for your pet’s sake, you need to try this food for a month and see the difference it makes.

How to Clean a Stand Mixer

Cleaning after preparing a sumptuous meal is a very tiresome process especially if you have used many kitchen appliances. If you have a dishwasher, it will certainly lessen the load and time cleaning. Most kitchens now have a stand mixer because it is very helpful in food preparation. And it is important to keep it clean in order to make it last for years. If not properly cleaned, it can affect the proper functioning of a stand mixer. so how should the stand mixer be properly cleaned?

Step 1

After unplugging the appliance, remove all the attachments on the stand mixer and wipe the body with a damp cloth. Focus into the crevices as they will collect flour, sugar and sometimes dust. Toothbrush or toothpick can be used in hard-to-reach areas to loosen stuck debris then wipe off with the damp cloth. It should be kept in mind that spraying water cleaner into the body of a stand mixer is a no-no.

Step 2

With the use of soapy water, wash all the attachments used manually. It is to ensure that no food is left behind. However, most attachments like the wire whip, kneading dough hook and the paddle beater are now safe to wash in a dishwasher. You may do so if you want to.

Step 3

Remove the mixing bowl from the frame and wash it manually or by using the dishwasher. You may also soak the mixing bowl with warm water to easily remove sticky ingredients before washing.

Step 4

Dry the mixing bowl and the attachments thoroughly before storing. This is to prevent mildew and water spots from appearing.


1. If toothbrush will not work in loosening build-up, use Q-tips instead. Make a paste using baking soda and water, dampen the Q-tip and put over the build-up.

2. Baking soda paste can also be used for the mixing bowl especially if it is made of stainless steel. It will remove water spots and keep the bowl spotless and shiny.

3. If the stand mixer is used occasionally, be sure to clean it at least every two weeks. Clean the vent with a cotton swab as they can collect dust from time to time. The vent should always be kept clean because this is where the air flows towards the motor. It is also best to cover the stand mixer with cloth or a shower cap when not in use.


1. Always unplug your stand mixer after each use to prevent electrocution and prevent the children from harming themselves

2. Never submerge the body of the stand mixer in water.  A stand mixer is a motorized appliance and getting it wet can ruin the motor.

3. If using liquid cleaner cannot be avoided, take extra precautions on vents and ports.


Stand mixers are very costly and ensuring its life to its price depends on the user.  Always make cleaning a habit every after use. This will make the stand mixer stay in its perfect form for years.

Top Five Foods to Try While in Vienna

Visiting new places is something that we will never forget. We remember the plane rides, people, places, scenes, and sites, but one thing many do not even think about is, the cuisine and the dining in these new places. When going to Vienna, Austria as a tourist, there is more to your trip than just tourist attractions. There are five of the favored foods that tourists must try before they depart this fine city. There are also other suggested items to try at the end of this article. Enjoy!

vienna travel guide

Wiener Schnitzel

Probably one dish that everyone has heard about, but do you know what it really is and how it tastes? This dish is one the country’s national foods. This dish comes from veal, its then breaded, fried in butter, and its huge in Austria. Some say that children love this dish too. So, where does one get this delicious dish? The best place for this dish is Figlmuller Wollzeile, which is a great restaurant and tourist and locals say is the best place for Wiener Schnitzel.

The Sachertorte

The is a delicious treat from Vienna. What is it, you ask? This treat is a sponge cake that is chocolate with apricot jam in between the thin layers of cake. On top of this cake is chocolate icing. Tourists and locals rave about this cake and the best place to get this treat is from a bakery called, Demel. The other option is the Sacher Hotel.

Austrian Goulash

Goulash is very popular in Vienna and in Austria. It is a beef stew that has tomatoes, onions, and paprika. It is delicious, especially during the cold winters that Vienna has. Where do we find this dish? The best place for goulash is from Gulaschmuseum, which is hands down the best restaurant for goulash.

Apple Strudel

Many places have great delicacies, including Austria. The apple strudel is sold in bakeries, restaurants, and coffee houses around Vienna. Its made with apples, crispy pastry dough, sugar, raisins, lemon, rum, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s very similar to the apple pie, except it’s a bit heavier. Powered sugar is usually sprinkled on top. The best place for strudel, Café Aida, which is a 1950’s type of café.

Spring Asparagus

For those who are going to Vienna in the spring, you must check out the asparagus. Vienna has the best white and green asparagus. Local eateries offer this dish beginning in April. The asparagus is served with butter and lemon. Breadcrumbs are usually placed on top and served with soup. Most places in the area serve this during the spring. The other dishes and treats to try while in Vienna are the Erdapfelsalat, which is Austrian potato salad, Powidltascherl (Plum Jam Turnovers), Tafelspitz, (Beef/Veal broth with vegetables), Melange, (Viennese coffee), and Viennese Sausages. Most of these dishes are local highlighted items at many eateries, bakeries, and coffee houses. The city provides tourists with the best cuisine in the country.